Pharmaplan and CSL Behring – New milestone reached

To meet the high demand for immunoglobulin (Privigen®), CSL Behring is expanding production capacities at the Bern/Wankdorf site in cooperation with Pharmaplan as general planner. Another milestone was reached in June: The start of the process qualification of module V within the Protinus project.

By definition, this is a “brownfield” project for two new process modules for the production of immunoglobulin products made from blood plasma (Privigen®).

Located in the heart of the site in Bern, the new process building will border existing buildings or property boundaries on all sides and will and will integrate the existing logistics building into the Wankdorf site through old and new pedestrian bridges and entrances. The logistics building will be jacketed, newly roofed and extended by the new building. The scope of the project also includes the project realization without disrupting ongoing operations.

At the beginning of February 2017, the “Go” for the basic design with Pharmaplan in the role as general planner was given. In late summer 2018, Pharmaplan then took additional responsibility for the entire construction site with the leadership of construction management and now is managing the commissioning and qualification phase.

During the construction phase, which has now lasted 18 months, a smooth transport of materials to and from the site was ensured. Through the commitment of all those involved, unexpected challenges were accomplished like a groundwater ingress and a rainwater flash flood. Up to 100 companies and 300 workers on the construction site were coordinated and the thoughtful behavior of all those involved ensured the safety on the construction site, which is reflected in brilliant safety statistics not only in Swiss rankings but also in the global comparison.

Despite the Corona crisis, all milestones were met in the project. This will enable CSL Behring to ensure the supply of Privigen® in the future. We would like to thank CSL Behring for the successful project, the high level of technical expertise and the excellent cooperation. The following video gives unique insights into this highly sophisticated production facility:

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Looking back on more than 20 years of history, this is another success of many: the relationship of CSL Behring and Pharmaplan began in 1999 with a Site Master Plan at the CSL Behring site in Bern. In the meantime, many projects have been realized, including the Protinus project.