PHARMAPLAN office in Montreux celebrates its tenth anniversary

PHARMAPLAN(Switzerland)-TTP Group / Basel, August 26, 2020:
After 10 years, the PHARMAPLAN office in Montreux is today an established engineering
partner for many well-known biotech players in the region – including Merck
Serono SA, Takeda AG, UCB FARCHIM SA, Celgene International Sàrl, Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing SA, Ferring SA, Incyte Biosciences Technical
Operations Sàrl and many more. Their story is a success story:
Although the Romandie has developed into the country’s biotech valley over
the past decade, experience has shown that it is a difficult territory to access
for German speaking industry. In addition to the physical distance, the natural
language barrier is an obstacle for German companies to establish themselves
in the French part of Switzerland.
However, when Stéphanie Sénéchal, a NNEPharmaplan colleague from France,
moved to Switzerland, there was an opportunity to build up a new account
base in Romandie. Starting with Serono, at that time the third largest biotech
company in the world (now Merck Serono SA), more and more production companies are now clustered between Lakes Neuchâtel and Geneva. For example,
the U.S. pharmaceutical company BMS, which has established its European
headquarters there, or foreign companies such as Takeda Sàrl from Japan and
the Belgian group UCB FARCHIM SA produce biotechnologically manufactured
drugs in Romandie.
In 2009, Sénéchal started her career at NNEPharmaplan Switzerland as head of
the GMP department. With the support of the emeritus managing director,
Gunter Feddern, she soon had several customer appointments with UCB
FARCHIM SA, BMS and Vifor Pharma SA in French-speaking Switzerland. As a
result, the management of NNEPharmaplan Switzerland under Stefan Berg decided to open an office in Romandie.
Due to the proximity to Merck Serono SA, the choice fell on the Vevey site.
Only one year later, in February 2010, Stéphanie Sénéchal started work there
as head of the new Montreux office.
Stéphanie Sénéchal put together a team with which she carried out the first
project for Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing SA as general planner for a
new “Central Utility Building”. As a result, the team grew rapidly and other projects followed. 2011 saw the kick-off of the “Edelweiss Project” for UCB
FARCHIM SA in Bulle – a greenfield project for high-volume antibody production
– which to this day represents a flagship project for PHARMAPLAN Switzerland.
After two years (2012), the colleagues moved to a larger office in Montreux,
which was finally extended by another floor in 2015. Today, PHARMAPLAN
Montreux is a firmly established name for many major biotech companies in
Romandie when it comes to pharmaceutical and biotech engineering.

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