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Hooray! We have been




No less than five companies in the TTP Group have been certified as a Great Place to Work®! We are incredibly proud to have received this seal of approval with all our Pharmaplan locations in Germany, France, and Switzerland. Our Great Place to Work®!  survey far exceeded our expectations with a participation rate of 82%! Topics of the survey included trust in managers, team spirit, fairness, appreciation, respect, and identification with the company. We were rated well by our employees in these areas. But what pleases us most of all is that our colleagues enjoy working at Pharmaplan!

Here are the values that Pharmaplan employees appreciate most about us:


>91% of our employees appreciate that their good work is trusted and that they are not constantly controlled. This is a kind affirmation for our managers. Because mutual trust is also firmly anchored in our culture. A value we are particularly proud of.

>Pharmaplaners can realize their full potential in their projects, are committed, and have all the prerequisites for success in their work. 88% would even be willing to put in extra effort to get their work done!



>In every way, we treat each other fairly: regardless of origin (nationality or ethnicity) 97%, gender 88%, sexual orientation 97%, position 87 %, or age 87 %, everyone is treated equally. This is confirmed by 97% of the Pharmaplaners surveyed. Fair play and a fair management style are an integral part of our work values: “That’s why I can be myself in my team and don’t need to pretend,” say 91% of all respondents.



>92% of new employees feel welcome. That makes us happy, of course. Pharmaplan onboarding includes, for example, our welcome program, which makes the first weeks at work easier.


>We feel like a “family” here,” say 78% of Pharmaplans’ employees. This is thanks to our talented employees, who are also involved in many leisure groups beyond working hours and enjoy having an after-work beer together occasionally. We are sure that, in addition to the collegial interaction in everyday project work, our numerous employee events and leisure activities contribute to our special team spirit – our Pharmaplan Spirit.



>“Everyone has the opportunity to get attention and recognition here,” say 65% of Pharmaplans’ employees. Everyone can use their skills in a motivated and profitable way, whether privately in one of our many leisure groups or professionally with or without management responsibility. We design individual careers with our pharma planners, for example as BIM modeler, project engineer, architect, or team leader sales. Here they can benefit from our intensive leadership and communication training. We strive to improve all career information even further so that our colleagues really know everything about their development opportunities with us!

>“I can take time off when I think it’s necessary,” say 74% of our employees. No wonder, because Pharmaplan offers flexible working time models with overtime regulations.



>71% of our employees enjoy coming to work. We attribute this to our challenging technical topics and demanding projects. We appreciate our customers and colleagues, and they appreciate us because we anticipate their needs. This is also due to our transparent, open, and regular communication.

>70% of our Pharmaplaners would recommend Pharmaplan as an employer to their acquaintances and friends. And we are particularly pleased about this. That’s an incredibly positive sign for us. It proves that we don’t just talk about our values, we live them!