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Process planning is often a central element of project execution in the pharmaceutical sector. Changing conditions, e.g. due to current GMP regulations or fluctuating market demand, require flexible implementation of production processes. We meet the complex challenges between process and other trades with an interdisciplinary team. Pharmaplan‘s bioprocess experts are engineers with a high level of expertise and in-depth process know-how in the biotech sector.

We cover the entire project life cycle from the initial concept study to qualification and final documentation. We have extensive knowledge of the relevant basic processes – from fermentation, separation, purification, and chemical modification to drying. Our bioprocess know-how includes antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and other biochemicals. We plan the fermentation with microorganisms, mammalian, and plant cells, and handle the entire upstream and downstream processing. We are also happy to contribute with our experience in the field of cell & gene therapy.

Our specialists within Biotech Process Engineering are competent contacts in the following areas:

> Biotech processes across all project phases in upstream and downstream processing
> Planning of layout and flows
> Production planning and dimensioning
> Single-use equipment, continuous processes, ADC production
> Commissioning, qualification & documentation
> Coordination of different disciplines and project participants