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is the overall planning, coordination, and controlling of a construction site from site mobilisation to completion and handover of the facility according to the agreed specifications, local rules and regulations.

Construction Management by Pharmaplan

Pharmaplan’s construction management approach is to increase productivity and construction quality from constructability review to the completion of the building, both in revamping and new greenfield projects (>250 Mio. €). We follow two courses: firstly, the organisational structuring of the construction processes according to lean management principles (avoiding waste, increasing added value). On the other hand, the digitalisation of the construction value chain based on model-based planning (BIM) to support the integral cooperation of all actors in construction projects.

Execution plans, resources and materials are regulated in transparent processes and delivered on demand. Materials are only delivered to the construction site, if they can be installed. This reduces inventory, transport and storage costs and the quality of the building materials is preserved.

A key component of Pharmaplan’s Construction Management philosophy is our safety vision: “At Pharmaplan, we believe that every accident is avoidable; we strive to eliminate unsafe practices from our Construction Sites and in the process, work towards a ZERO accidents performance goal”.