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Which new trends are being observed in GMP compliance? What are the key factors to the success of the digital factory? How does engineering management adapt to new customer requirements? These are just some of the questions being examined very closely by our experts at Pharmaplan.

For this purpose, our Communities of Interest (COI) have been established, we share and capture our knowledge for the benefit of our customers!

The expertise does not remain within the groups of specialists, via internal platforms and databases it is available for every project and all Pharmaplan employees – and through them accessible for our clients, to ensure that always the latest trends and the best fitting solution is offered and implemented in a project.

The philosophy behind this approach is as simple as effective: collective intelligence achieves more than knowledge silos. Everyone is able to access the combined expertise of our group-wide affiliates, so that it can be used for similar tasks quickly and easily. Our experts are also active in global organisations like ISPE, PMI, ISA – by doing so we contribute continuously to the development of future-proof industry standards and solutions

As our client you benefit from all our experience and expert knowledge even if one of our senior specialists is not directly involved in a project.