Project Execution-



is a structured database for Good Engineering Practices fully integrated within our Quality Management System (QMS).

Based on internal and external standards and guidelines Pharmaplan’s Project Execution Model includes all elements of a project lifecycle from Front end (Conceptual Design), Engineering (Basic & Detail Design) to Construction, Commissioning & Qualification and Handover.

Pharmaplan’s Project Execution Model delivers consistently appropriate and cost-effective solutions across all kind of projects. In connection with an internal library the system provides access to templates and examples for common engineering and quality services (i.e. drawings, protocols and specifications). By these templates we provide to all project teams for the benefit of our customers internal expert knowhow with high quality services and documentation, regardless of technology, location, or scope of the given project.

Pharmaplan’s engineering approach respects all current standards and codes as well as cGMP regulations.

For specific projects, a customised project execution map can be developed, showing all activities, all documents, and all services for each discipline in the project.